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August 24, 2021


Last week, I asked you to pray specifically for two of our church planters who went to check on our two house churches and the situation at the Afghan Border. As the situation continues to unfold, I want to update you about what has been happening and how you can help.


For the security of our team, I cannot share the country or city name with you but I want you to know that the country is in Central Asia and for the remaining communication we will be referring to the country as “Blue Country.” We will also be referring to the city as the “Border City.” Forgive me for a long email. There is a lot of information to share.


First, I want to share some specific information I received from our workers about the Border City that will help provide a clearer picture of the situation.

  • Afghan houses are visible from this city.

  • A river separates the border of Afghanistan and Blue Country.

  • People are flocking to Blue Country in small boats along the river.  The border guards have decided not to shoot these refugees but instead, they have been greeted and brought to the camps along the Border.

  • Some who have entered into Blue Country are hiding wherever they can; in fields, in the mountains, and in some houses. Therefore, serious investigations have been started in the region of the Border City.

  • A large camp has been opened in Blue Country with more than 10,000 people there. So far only the elderly, families, and children are in the camp. The camp is now closed and heavily protected.

  • The locals in the Border City say many refugees are coming from the river.  It is not possible to control all of these refugees. On August 21, the Blue Country has received another 400 people and have placed them in hospitals prepared for Covid.  It has been announced that they are expecting the arrival of approximately 1,000 people every day. Many hospitals and schools are being prepared to handle the incoming refugees.  Our team believes it will be much easier for us to serve refugees in schools and hospitals.


Local House-Churches United


Below you find the letter I received from the executive director of the Central Asian base who is working directly with our current efforts to help refugees fleeing for their lives.


Crossover Global has two house churches near the Afghan border.  I am urging all churches and believers, who live near the border to take Afghan refugees home and serve them without fear.


Historically our countrymen from Blue Country have been very afraid and have no contact with Afghans, but now Blue Country Believers are opening their hearts and praying for them, no longer afraid of them, but want to start loving them.


Our two churches at the Border City are preparing to find refugees, accept them, and help them.  The churches there say the refugees will need a lot of help in the coming days and the two churches are getting ready to help.  The believers are united as the Church - the Body of Christ.


For example, one local church planter has opened his house to Afghans and has welcomed them into his house, and served them with his hands.  These are small churches that want to start a ministry where we will be the heart and hands of Jesus.


We are preparing our churches to be ready because over the next 10 days a lot of doors will open to serve refugees from Afghanistan. We believe that even if our churches are small, even if they are persecuted, God will use us these days for His glory and because He loves the nations.



I am humbled by the Crossover Global team’s willingness and desire to serve the urgent and immediate needs of the Afghan people. I know many of you are eager to join these brave men and women in practical ways. One way you can help is by making a financial gift that will go toward the necessary funds needed to see work done among the Afghan refugees.


We believe an initial $10,000 would help position our team to do this important work in the region. This fund will be allocated in the following ways.

  • For transportation costs as our team look for refugees;

  • For housing for our team who is relocating from their hometown to the region for the next month;

  • For logistical support as they get ready for when the camps open and help with food and medicine.


This is a sad situation! We have the opportunity to practically show the love of Christ by helping these refugee families as we seek to bring eternal hope in Jesus Christ to them. Our goal is that not only their physical and emotional needs will be met, but ultimately, our church planters on the ground will lead them to Jesus and start new communities of believers among them. We need your prayers and support as they minister to the Afghan people in the weeks and months to come.


Below is a link you can give to the Refugee SOS account that will directly help the Afghan people.


Grateful for your vision! Thankful for your generosity!


Ken Katayama

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